The Downfall of Trippie Redd

One of my favorite artists over the fast few years has been Trippie Redd. When I first heard his song ‘Bust Down’, I knew I had to check out some of his other music. I listened and listened as he rose to the top of my favorite artists. I would stay up for his late-night album releases and follow his every move as he dropped music. I really enjoy the way he uses his voice and his overall style as an artist.

Some of my favorite albums of his are ‘LIFE’S A TRIP’ and ‘A Love Letter To You 3’. Although I will always like these projects and the songs that are on them I just wish he retained this type of music that he has. Over the past year or two, he just hasn't been the same artist that he used to be. The quality of his music has diminished and his experimental style that he has been trying to roll out hasn’t been successful in my opinion.

Past 3 Album Releases

Since ‘A Love Letter To You 3’ I thought it was only up for Trippie but I was wrong and since then he hasn’t produced anything close to this album. His past few albums were really bad in my opinion and I don’t know if he can still make good music.


This album was very lazy in my opinion. Each song just felt the same and the lyrics felt like they were just repeated over and over again. Some of the features from Lil Baby and The Game were good but Trippie was overall just not very good. One of my favorite songs on the album was taken off only days after the album was released because people were saying that the Playboi Carti feature on it carried his album. Out of pettiness, he took it off and it is now nowhere to be seen. What I look for in a good album are some songs that you will put on repeat for hours and a small number of misses (bad songs). But like I said this album felt lazy and I could only say a few songs on it were listenable again.

A Love Letter To You 4

This album also felt lazy and was his worst of his whole career in my opinion. I listened to this album only a couple of times and only have one song on it that I would consistently listen to. Even at that point I probably only listened to it around 5–10 times. After this album, I felt like he may have really fallen off. I love Trippie Redd but felt like his quality in his music was quickly deteriorating and wasn’t sure if he would ever be the same prime Trippie we had back in 2018.


Released just last Friday, ‘Pegasus’ is Trippie’s newest album and probably the best out of these most recent 3. This album made me come to the realization that Trippie really might not be able to make good music anymore. Some of the features were pretty good and Trippie had some good moments but overall this album was just not it. Other than the weird cover art, the music had a very experimental feel and I’m not against artists trying new things but some of these songs were just straight-up bad. Trippie also included some very creepy noises on some of his songs which just ruined the whole song for me. This album was jam-packed with 26 songs and just shows how quality means more than quantity.

Trippie Redd’s Future

After his last 3 albums sucking I don’t know if we will ever see the same Trippie Redd that we once had. The only good outlook that I have for him is him hinting at ‘LIFE’S A TRIP 2' which would be the sequel of my favorite album of his. To see one of my favorite artists fall off like this is hard to see and I really don’t know if he can rebound from these trash albums. If he’s content with this music then so be it but I just can’t genuinely enjoy this music that he puts out anymore. His next album may be his last chance to redeem himself for me at least.

Penn State Lehigh Valley — music listener and reviewer — hip-hop genre